Two Tone Studios is a true collaboration. Each piece is designed and made by Boyd and Lisa, every step of the way. Their process begins with sketches, and evolves into more detailed drawings. They then take the drawings into the glassblowing studio where they make prototypes in clear glass. After they have committed to a form, they experiment with various color applications until color and form are cohesive.

Every item that Two Tone Studios produces is handmade and without the use of molds. They strive to create forms that are both refined and distinct. In efforts to achieve objects that are joyful and calm, they focus on the subtleties, in both color and form. Their approach to object making allows them to create collections that people can live with each day to celebrate the daily rituals of life.

Boyd and Lisa believe that the pleasure they get from creating the work translates into each of the objects they produce. The one word they hear most often to describe the work is “happy” and they are content knowing that their goals are being accomplished. If you find yourself in the area, drop them a line to schedule an appointment to meet them and visit their studio.