The Black & White Polka Dot Dessert Stand sits at 16” tall.  It is truly a statement piece – modern, crisp and sophisticated.  The white plate will showcase fruit or sweets and the voluminous clear dome is decked out with white polka dots.  A perfect combination of whimsy and style.
$1500 Size: 16h x 10w

Our Spectrum Dessert Stand with Dome is made by blowing different tubes of color, cutting them into rings or cross sections, stacking the rings, fusing them and then picking them back up on a bubble to be blown out.  It is a laborious process; but the only way to get bold bands of color striping in hot glass.  Both the plate and foot are made through this process.  It is finished with a large clear dome in order to see into the brightly colored plate and/or the treats inside!
$1500  Size: 10.5h x 13w

Our Spectrum Bowl is made via the same technique as the Spectrum Dessert Stand.  The foot pattern mirrors the bowl pattern.  It is bright, cheerful, happy and will surely put a smile on your face.
$1050 Size: 4.5h x 10.5w